The Analysis of Knowledge Management Process on Thesis/Dissertation Management: A Systematic Review

Author : Lila Setiyani, Abdorrakhman Gintings, Abin Syamsudin, Daeng Arifin

Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing and storing knowledge to be managed as a resource, which can increase values or encourage innovation. This systematic review aims to analyze the state of the art within a literature subject, which is knowledge management process in the management of thesis/dissertation. The systematic review uses the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Item for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis) guidelines. This review encompasses 24 literature from various publishers and knowledge management processes in the management of thesis/dissertation. The result reveals that there is a knowledge management process existing in the management of thesis/dissertation despite a little coverage of the three processes in the literature. This systematic review concludes that the management of thesis/dissertation can be identified using the knowledge management concept.

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