Modeling an Enterprise Architecture of Final Project Management Based on National Research Standards for Higher Education in Indonesia

Author : Lila Setiyani, Karya Suhada, Yahya Suherman

In the era of industry 4.0, colleges and universities which are higher education institutions that can produce the intellectual assets, are required to innovate in researches. However, many higher education institutions have not yet properly managed the student research projects, while the government has provided guidelines for the research management in the national researche standards for higher education. Good quality researches require link and match with the needs of the industries. In this study, we design the model of enterprise architecture that can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of student final project management based on college research standards by using the methodology of The Open Group Framework Architecture Development Method (TOGAF ADM). The result shows that the application of architectural enterprise can create the research products that link and match with the needs of of the industries so it can encourage innovation in research from higher education institutions, specifically the student final projects.

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