Differences In Drives Of Online Shopping Intention Between Young And Middle-Aged Adult Through The Application Of UTAUT Model And Gender As A Moderation Variable

Author : Femmy, Yudin Wahyudin, Dudi Awalludin, Darya

The use of the internet by middle-aged people has recently shown a substantial and massive increase thus brewing an interest in middle-aged internet users to be considered as a potential market in the era of trade that utilizes technology. However, there are hardly any research that focuses on consumers in this age range; researchers still prioritize the market of young adult as they are considered as the most active and engaged internet users. Based on this explanation, this research was conducted to examine and understand the driving factors that affect the intention of middle-aged consumers to shop online and to bridge the gap between researches available and the market’s interest in middle-aged people as online consumers. This research integrates the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) as a drive factor by comparing young to middle-aged consumers and gender moderation. Through the use of Partial Least Squares-Structural Equation Modeling, the findings show that the main factor that drives middle-aged people’s intention in shopping online is Social Influence while among young adults, the drive is coming from Performance Expectation. The findings also show that gender difference does not affect the driving factors in the two groups.

Link Artikel : http://conference.loupiasconference.org/index.php/ICSMR/article/view/7